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American Jump Rope Virtual Championship



Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Daily Schedule

Beginning every day at 12pm ET

The top 6 entries for each competition event and gender division will appear on the livestream with winners announced after each event!

Day 1: July 23rd (Friday)
- Individual and DDC -

Single Rope Speed Sprint (30 sec speed)
Single Rope Endurance (3 min speed)
Triple Unders
DDC Speed
DDC Freestyle
Single Rope Freestyle

Day 2: July 24 (Saturday)
- Single Rope Team -

Pairs Double Unders
Single Rope Speed Relay
Wheel Freestyle
Single Rope Pairs Freestyle
Single Rope Team Freestyle

Day 3: July 25 (Sunday)
Double Dutch -

Double Dutch Speed Relay
Double Dutch Speed Sprint (60 seconds)
Double Dutch Pairs
Double Dutch Triad
Double Dutch Single Freestyle

Nick Woodard

Nick Woodard has been jump roping for 27 years. He is a 5 time national champion and 14 time world champion. Throughout his career he has been able to travel all around the world as an ambassador for the sport. Nick, and his wife Kaylee, own a jump rope business called Learnin' The Ropes where their goal is to inspire, educate and serve as many people around the world to be active and jump rope. Nick earned his masters in Sports Management from the University of Tennessee and is a Performance Enhancement Specialist through NASM. Nick has a huge passion                                                                                        for jump rope and continues to push the sport to new heights.

Kaylee Woodard

Kaylee Woodard has been a jump rope athlete for 24 years. She started jumping with Heart ’n Soul out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and now she and her husband Nick have their own jump rope company called Learnin’ the Ropes. During her jump rope career, Kaylee has won 6 world championship titles, performed for the NBA, Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Dreams, and various TV shows. In addition to jumping, Kaylee also has a PhD in Motor Skill Acquisition and Sport Psychology and teaches Exercise Science at Western Kentucky University. Kaylee is so thankful for the opportunity to be part of AMJRF’s first (and only?) Virtual National Championship!

Nate K-G

Nate is a competitive jumper turned recreational jump rope coach. He coaches several virtual programs, hosts The Nate K-G Podcast where he interviews jumpers, and has created "Nateflix," a free resource at with over 300+ jump rope combos.

Mike Fry

Mike is a former national and world champion and the owner of LetsJumpLA, a Los Angeles-based jump rope program.  Mike is also the inventor of the ‘Mic’ rope release and was part of the first Grand Central Station in double dutch.  He makes his return as an emcee of this year’s National Championship!

Devin Meek

Devin is the originator of WeJumpRope, one of the most consistently creative jump rope platforms on social media.  A long-time competitor, Devin has also performed around the country and world as a member of Flight Crew Jump Rope and WeFlipEnt.  Devin co-hosted the last American Jump Rope National Championship and is back this year with more unique insight. There’s rumors he’ll be hosting Jump Rope Trivia as well...tune in to find out!



The top 6 entries for each competition event and gender division will appear on the livestream with winners announced after each event!

AMJRC 2021 Limited Edition Jump Rope

Routines have been scored

All routines are scored, and results have been finalized.  Tune in July 23-25 to see your 2021 national champions!


Refund Policy:  full refunds will be given for documented medical emergencies or extreme and unavoidable circumstances.


  • single rope events 
    • SRSS: Single Rope Speed Sprint (1x30)
    • SRSE: Single Rope Speed Endurance (1x180)
    • SRTU: Single Rope Triple Unders
      • only for athletes competing in the senior age divisions (16 and older)
    • SRSR: Single Rope Speed Relay (4x30)
    • SRDR: Single Rope Double unders Relay (2x30)
    • SRIF: Single Rope Individual Freestyle
    • SRPF: Single Rope Pairs Freestyle
    • SRTF: Single Rope Team Freestyle
    • WHPF: Wheel Pairs Freestyle
  • double dutch events ONLY
    • DDSR: Double Dutch Speed Relay (4X30)
    • DDSS: Double Dutch Speed Sprint (1x60)
    • DDSF: Double Dutch Single Freestyle
    • DDPF: Double Dutch Pairs Freestyle
    • DDTF: Double Dutch Triad
      • only for athletes competing in the senior age divisions (16 and older)
    • DDCS:  Double Dutch Contest Speed (1x30)
    • DDC:  Double Dutch Contest (freestyle)

Age Divisions*

  • 11 & under
  • 12 - 13
  • 14 - 15
  • 16 - 18
  • 19+
  • 30+
  • 50+

*Age and gender divisions may be adjusted in cases where there are not enough entries.

Gender Divisions*

  • Male or female for individual events
  • Male, Female & Mixed for pairs and group events

*Age and gender divisions may be adjusted in cases where there are not enough entries.


  • Top 3 for each event/age/gender awarded ribbons
  • Top 3 for each event/gender overall (Grands) awarded virtual badge
  • Grand Champion in each event/gender awarded a medal



Competition events will follow the IJRU Rules of Competition


Register to Judge at AMJRVC 2021

Each team will need to supply IJRU certified judges to help support the event. Please review the 2021 Judging Nomination Requirements for full details about the number of judges your team will need to supply. 

IJRU Certified Judges will receive a stipend per session.  Additional details will be announced shortly!

*Note: Level 3 IJRU certification is strongly recommended, though not required for this tournament. Judges must at least complete their level 1 IJRU certification (online training) and the most experienced judges will be considered first for selection.

Judge certification requirements: All judges must complete the online certification or recertification course in the IJRU Learning portal.


All registrants must read and agree to bound by:
AMJRF Waiver & Release of Liability with COVID amendment and AMJRF Code of Ethics


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