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American Jump Rope National Championship 2022

*CONFIRMED* June 21-25, 2022.  Cincinnati, OH

The 2022 American Jump Rope National Championship (AMJRNC) is headed to Cincinnati, OH, and this year is shaping up to be our biggest and most exciting event yet!


Location Cincinnati, OH
Dates June 21-25
Registration Deadline Coming soon


COVID Protocols

Regarding COVID-19, we will be adhering to state, local, and venue requirements.  As of January 2022:

  • Vaccination is required for anyone age 5 and up at University of Cincinnati (UC) facilities

  • Masks are required at UC indoor facilities

UPDATE 1/23/22

The University of Cincinnati has a vaccination exemption policy in place for staff and students and they have told us they will accept exemptions for our event as well.  They are working on a process for us, which we’ll share as soon as it is finalized.

As with everything that has happened over the last two years, this information can and likely will change. We will keep everyone up to date as additional information becomes available!

Additional information coming soon!

We'll be posting package information, registration timelines, and all of the resources you'll need to register for the event.  Stay tuned!


Fifth Third Arena

Age division championship hosted at the University of Cincinnati from June 21-24.  Read more about the Fifth Third Arena.

Taft Theater

The 2022 Grand National Championship will take place in the beautiful Taft Theater on June 25, 2022.



  • AMJRNC 2022 will be an open championship, meaning there will not be a qualification process for US athletes to participate.

Competition Events


  • SRSS: Single Rope Speed Sprint (1x30)
  •  SRSE: Single Rope Speed Endurance (1x180)
  • SRTU: Single Rope Triple Unders
    • only for athletes competing in the senior age divisions (16 and older)
  • SRSR: Single Rope Speed Relay (4x30)
  •  SRDR: Single Rope Double unders Relay (2x30)
  • SRIF: Single Rope Individual Freestyle
  • SRPF: Single Rope Pairs Freestyle
  • SRTF: Single Rope Team Freestyle
  • WHPF: Wheel Pairs Freestyle



  • DDSR: Double Dutch Speed Relay (4X30)
  • DDSS: Double Dutch Speed Sprint (1x60)
  • DDSF: Double Dutch Single Freestyle
  • DDPF: Double Dutch Pairs Freestyle
  • DDTF: Double Dutch Triad
    • only for athletes competing in the senior age divisions (16 and older)
  • DDCS:  Double Dutch Contest Speed (1x30)
  • DDC:  Double Dutch Contest (freestyle)



Team show

Gender Categories

  • Male or female for individual events
  • Male, Female & Mixed for pairs and group events
  • *Age and gender divisions may be adjusted in cases where there are not enough entries.

View the AMJRF Gender Eligibility Policy

Age Divisions


  • 11 & under
  • 12 - 13
  • 14 - 15
  • 16 - 18
  • 19+
  • 30+
  • 50+


DDC Speed and DDC Freestyle

  • 5 - 12
  • 13 - 18
  • 19+


Age divisions may be adjusted in cases where there are not enough entries


Top 3 for each event/age/gender 

Top 3 for each event/gender overall (Grands)


  • Junior (15 and under) and Senior (16 and up)
  • Individual and Team