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Qualifying Structure and Rules

Athletes will qualify for the US National Team by videoing their event at any AMJRF sanctioned competition and submitting that video to be re-judged by a certified judge panel. Athletes may only submit ONE video per event. Athletes qualify for the US National Team by event. The US National Team will be chosen based on the results of the re-judging. This option for qualification was the top choice of a survey completed by the membership. 


  • April 3, 2023 - Last day to register for certification via Sports Engine
  • April 7, 2023 - Video submissions via Video Hub due
  • April 21, 2023 - Judging completed
  • May 1, 2023 - 2023 US National Team announced

Certification Registration

Must be an AMJRF member to submit videos for certification.

Tiebreakers for Qualification

Rules and Guidelines

Routines are re-judged using the IJRU rules.

Basic guidelines have been established to ensure each athlete has a fair chance of qualifying for the US National Team regardless of the sanctioned tournament they record their event at.

The following guidelines must be followed when submitting a routine:

  • Competition space must be comparable to the IJRU space requirements as listed in the IJRU Competition Manual.
  • The appropriate IJRU timing track must be used for each speed event.
  • Music must be utilized in the submitted recording. Music may not be added onto a video after the initial recording.
  • Competition Date and Location Form (provided by AMJRF to the tournament director of each competition) must be shown in the beginning of each video submission.
  • Judge panels at a qualifying competition must be composed of a minimum of 1 judge of each type: required elements, athlete presentation, routine presentation, and difficulty.
  • Competitors must only be provided one opportunity to compete each event at a given tournament. Competitors may be granted a re-jump in their event when applicable according to the IJRU Recompeting Rules. This includes:
    • speed score outside of the margin of error (3 jumps) and 2 closest judges’ scores are not within 3 jumps
    • broken ropes
    • music failure
  • As an AMJRF member, competitors have agreed to the AMJRF Code of Ethics and are expected to behave ethically and according to the code. 

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in a video submission not being eligible for re-judging for qualification.


Video submissions are required for ALL eligible events an athlete wishes to qualify for. See the list of eligible events below:


  • Single Rope Speed Sprint 1x30 seconds
  • Single Rope Speed Endurance 1x180 seconds
  • Single Rope Triple Unders
  • Single Rope Double Unders Relay 2x30 seconds*
  • Single Rope Speed Relay 4x30 seconds*
  • Double Dutch Speed Sprint 1x60 seconds
  • Double Dutch Speed Relay 4x30 seconds

*Jumpers will qualify for these events as a team rather than individuals

Double Dutch Contest:

  • DDC Speed 1x30 seconds
  • DDC Performance


  • Single Rope Individual Freestyle
  • Single Rope Pair Freestyle
  • Single Rope Team Freestyle
  • Wheel Pair Freestyle
  • Double Dutch Single Freestyle
  • Double Dutch Pair Freestyle
  • Double Dutch Triad Freestyle
  • Team Show 

Team Show Exception

Due to the long planning and preparation needed for Team Show routines, videos of Team Shows may be submitted that were recorded from the 2021-2022 competition season at an AMJRF Sanctioned competition, including the 2022 AMJRF Nationals. These videos must meet the video requirements (minus presenting the Competition Date and Location Form) listed below. 

Age Divisions

The US National Team is composed of 3 groups: Senior (ages 16+), Junior (ages 12-15), and Open (ages 12+). These groups are correlated to the structure of the IJRU World Championships. See below for specifics.

Ages are determined based on the athlete’s age as of December 31 in the year of the competition.

The 2023 IJRU WC is composed of 4 tournaments with different age divisions: 

  • World Championships
    • Ages 16+
    • Competitors must be 16 or older 
    • For group events, at least one member of the group must be 16 or older. The remaining member(s)
      must be at least 13 or older.
  • Junior World Championships
    • Ages 12-15
    • Competitors must be no younger than 12 and younger than 16
  • International Open Tournament
    • Ages 12-15, 16-18, 19+, 30+
    •  For group events, the group qualifies for the age category of the oldest athlete of the group
    • All athletes must be 30+ to compete in the 30+ division
    • Athletes over the age of 30 can compete down in 19+ if they choose
  • Double Dutch Contest World
    • Specific age divisions have not been announced


Below is a general structure for qualification pricing. For group events, one athlete of the group will register and pay for the entire group, listing all athletes involved. Only one jumper per group needs to register and pay for each group event.


  • Individual Event: $10
  • Group Event: $5 per jumper per event                                                                                                                                                               
Event           Total Price
1x30 Single Rope Speed Sprint  $10
2x30 Single Rope Double Under Relay $10
4x30 Single Rope Speed Relay $20
1x180 Single Rope Speed Endurance $10
Single Rope Consecutive Triple Unders $10
4x30 Double Dutch Speed Relay $20
1x60 Double Dutch Speed Sprint $15
1x30 DDC Speed $15



  • Individual Event: $20
  • Group Event: $20 for 2 athlete events, $30 for 3 athlete events, $40 for 4 athletes and up events
Event           Total Price
Single Rope Single Freestyle $20
Single Rope Pairs Freestyle $20
Single Rope Team Freestyle $40
Double Dutch Single Freestyle $30
Double Dutch Pairs Freestyle $40
Double Dutch Triad Freestyle $40
Wheel Freestyle $20
Team Show $40
DDC Freestyle $40


Video Specifications

Video Upload Instructions

Certification Judges

World Anti-Doping Agency

AMJRF supports WADA and it’s commitment to the doping-free integrity of the sport of jump rope. US National Team members are responsible for knowing and understanding the purpose of WADA. Visit to view the most up to date WADA requirements.

Contact Information

For general questions contact:

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