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2022 AMJRF Leaderboard

The AMJRF National Leaderboard is a way for athletes to see where they stand against other athletes across the country.


  • SRSS - Single Rope Speed Sprint, 1x30 seconds, 1 athlete

  • DDSS - Double Dutch Speed Sprint, 1x60 seconds, 3 athletes

  • SRIF - Single Rope Individual Freestyle, 0-75 seconds, 1 athlete

  • DDSF - Double Dutch Single Freestyle, 0-75 seconds, 3 athletes

  • SRTU (Senior age division only) - Single Rope Triple Unders, no time limit, 1 athlete

Age Divisions (As of Dec 31, 2022)

Junior (15 and under) and Senior (16 and up)

Gender Divisions

Female and Male for Individual Events.

Female, Male, and Mixed for Group Events.


IMPORTANT! The deadline for submission is has been extended to May 30, 2022. 


2022 AMJRF Leaderboard Registration


**IMPORTANT** All athletes need to register and pay individually. Groups need each athlete to complete their own registration and pay individually. If registering for a group event, list your group members names where indicated during registration.

The 2022 AMJRF Leaderboard requires an active AMJRF Membership.


Athletes will need a current AMJRF standard membership ($25) to request certification.


  • Individual: $10
  • Group: $5 per jumper



  • Individual: $20
  • Group: $10 per jumper

Video Specifications

Videos can be taken by the individual/group at an in person tournament or at any location as long as the video guidelines are followed. 2022 AMJRF Leaderboard Filming Specs.docx


Please name files using the following format:


Example: DDSF_Jr_F_JumpAround_Sarah, Samantha, Claire


  1. Make sure you have the original video files downloaded to a PC.

  2. Name each video file using the convention listed above.

  3. Visit the AMJRF MegaDrop to upload your video 

  4. Click and hold on your video file(s) and drag them into the area with the icons

    a. Files will automatically upload this way

    b. Alternatively, you can click the “Upload” button to select files and click “Open” once you’ve selected your file

    c. You can select a list of multiple video files at one time by clicking on the first video file, holding the “shift” key, and then clicking on the last video
  5. Check to make sure all of your video files are uploaded


  • The single best score in an event from an athlete or group will be posted to the leaderboard

    • If an athlete or group competes in multiple events, their scores are not averaged and only the highest score will be placed on the leaderboard

  • An athlete may only appear on the leaderboard once in an event in a single age division and gender category

    • If the athlete competes with a different group in an event, after already having a score on the leaderboard, the most recent score will be placed on the leaderboard and the previous score will be removed

      • If the athlete competes with the same group, the highest score will be retained

    • Coaches and athletes should make sure to discuss this with each of the group members that may be affected before deciding to compete with a different combination of athletes

    • If requesting certification for a competitor after they are already on the leaderboard for an event, the coach will need to make a note of this during registration



Ties will be decided using the IJRU rules on ranking freestyle events IJRU judging manual 7.6.2 


Since a jump-off is not a reasonable option in the Leaderboard process, the order of tiebreakers will be as follows:

1. Last completed left foot jump

  • If one of the athletes or groups completes a left foot jump after the last completed right foot jump and before the time beep, and the other does not, the athlete or group with the additional completed left foot jump will qualify

2. Final split score (highest)

  • Last 10 or 15 seconds depending on the call-out for the event

3. Initial split score (highest)

  • First 10 or 15 seconds depending on the call-out for the event

4. Misses

  • The competitor with the highest number of misses in the event will qualify, based on the possibility they could have scored higher without mistakes

This selection criteria will continue to be reviewed and analyzed in the future on a yearly basis, after continental and international tournaments.


  • Once the last registration deadline has passed for a national ranking event, no certification refunds will be offered, with the lone exception of an issue with the video file

  • After the last registration deadline, if a competitor indicated that they would certify an event and has not paid for that certification, they will not be eligible for future certifications until the full amount has been paid

  • If there is an issue with the video file and the national ranking judges cannot produce a score as a result, the athlete/group will be offered:

    • A full refund of the certification fee for that specific event

    • The option to keep the local judges’ score for the leaderboard

The Registration "2022 AMJRF Leaderboard" is not currently available.