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American Jump Rope Federation

US National Team Qualification

Athletes must be members of the US National Team to compete at international competitions, including the 2023 IJRU World Championships in Colorado Springs, CO.

Athletes will qualify for the US National Team by videoing their event at any AMJRF sanctioned competition and submitting that video to be re-judged by a certified judge panel. Athletes may only submit ONE video per event. Athletes qualify for the US National Team by event. The US National Team will be chosen based on the results of the re-judging. This option for qualification was the top choice of a survey completed by the membership. 

2022-2023 Town Hall

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Appointed Positions

  • Finance Committee
  • National Tournament Committee
  • State Organization Committee
  • Nominating and Governance Committee
  • Sports Development Committee

Strategic Plan underway

Committee Reports 

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  • AMJRF is a volunteer-run organization, and it will take the combined work of the community to move the sport forward!
  • Multiple open positions


Thank you for joining us for an incredible weekend of jump rope in Cincinnati.  Congratulations to all our athletes, and thank you to the parents, coaches, and volunteers who made it all possible.  See you next year!

AMJRNC 2022 Photos are available now!  Get your downloads and prints before July 10 at a discounted rate of $20! Photos purchased after July 10 will be $30.

photographs available for purchase

AMJRNC 2022 Photography available now!

The American Jump Rope Federation (AMJRF) is recognized by the International Jump Rope Union (IJRU) as the national governing body for jump rope in the United States.


Create new programs that foster eduction, fitness, and safety in the community.


Create competitive opportunities at every level, and take elite level competition to new heights.


Increase the accessibility of our sport and getting more people jumping rope.

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