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AMJRF Scholarship

Information about the 2022 AMJRF Scholarship will be available early 2022!

Scholarship Mission

The AMJRF Scholarship supports athletes for those that plan to advance their education after high school.  We encourage those athletes to continue their education to better themselves, their communities, and maintain an active role in the sport of jump rope.


Who is eligible?

  • American Jump Rope Federation Members. Become a member at
  • High school seniors and/or post secondary students. Applicant states a clear designation of the post – secondary education that they will attend.  The AMJRF Scholarship committee will verify enrollment with the institute.


How do I apply?

  • Submit the AMJRF Scholarship ApplicationApplicants will:
    • Fill out basic information about themselves
    • Complete and upload documented 50 community or AMJRF service hours.  Event supervisor and contact information provided. (Download the service hours form
    • Compose and upload scholarship essay.  In at least 500 words, but not more than 750 words, tell us how you plan to help jump rope grow in the US.  (Word document or PDF)
    • Upload a current coach’s letter of recommendation.

Due Date: May 29, 2021
AMJRF Scholarship Committee will review each application objectively based on fair and non-discriminatory basis.  The winner will be announced at the American Jump Rope Virtual Championship in July, 2201.

Fund dispersement
This is almost always tax deductible and you should get a letter from the school for tax purposes.  The amount awarded will be given directly to the college or school for deposit into the athletes name.  The funds must be used for books, lab fees, room, board, and/or tuition.  

Athletes are ineligible for the AMJRF Scholarship if they meet the following criteria:

  • A relative or direct member of the Board of Directors and or AMJRF Scholarship Committee.  This would violate the conflict of interest in the AMJRF By-laws and the Non profit laws and restrictions.

Information on the 2022 Scholarship will be available later in the year.  Check back to this page or look in our monthly newsletter for updates.